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Kraft Paper Bags

White & Plain, Small and Large - Wholesale Kraft Paper Bags With Handles Kinds

As an alternative to carrying bags, Kraft Paper Bags are recyclable and environmentally friendly products, the use of which is now widespread all over the world. In the United States, it is used in all aspects of consumption, from local grocery stores to supermarkets and branded stores. (for food, bread, tea, pharmacy and general shopping)

Kraft Paper Bags With Handles designs are a promising option that replaces Plastic Bags with the quality of the materials used, with a more elegant appearance and the absence of negative effects on the environment.

You can have Wholesale Kraft Paper Bags at factory prices, where you can best reflect your environmental awareness for your customers.

Come join the trend of being environmentally friendly! Protect the environment by choosing Kral Imports products that give importance to ecologically safe products and production processes.

Advantages of Kraft Paper Bags

  • It has high strength and tear resistance. (with extra power reinforcement)
  • It can be produced in desired size and thickness.
  • There are printing and color options.
  • Different material properties can be included
  • White and brown can be preferred.
  • Handle types and material to be used can be selected.
  • It is hygienic and has no negative impact on the environment.
  • It is more cost effective in wholesale purchases.
  • It is an efficient transportation method.
  • It is a unique alternative to other packaging materials and plastic bags.

Kraft Paper Bags Near Me

Kral Imports provides professional service to all states of America with its years of experience and references in the sector. We procure products manufactured to high standards from the best factories. Moreover, with the advantage of wholesale and factory prices.

Our company deliver hefty deliveries to our customers (suppliers or chain brands) to America and their states on a container basis without any intermediaries.

You can consult our experts for more information and supply process data.

Kral Imports is next to your brand with its Eco-Friendly Kraft Paper Bags Products. We are in Connecticut, USA.

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