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Non Woven Shopping Bags

Recycled Non Woven Shop Bags Produced From High Quality Materials With The Advantage Of Wholesale

Non Woven Reusable Shopping Bags

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Non Woven Shopping Bags is a high-tech textile made of Polypropylene Fabric (PP). This product, which is also used in different areas with its processing, is resistant to water and burning. It consists entirely of environmentally friendly and hygienic materials and has a solid structure.

You can contribute to the protection of the environment by using 100% Recycled Shopping Bags, which are cost-effective and reuseable in the recyclable packaging market.

Why Choose Non Woven Reusable Shopping Bags?

It is convenient and specially prepared for the brand, which has a stylish accessory appearance with its designs.

  • Multipurpose, suitable for daily use and long-lasting.
  • Economical and environmentally friendly.
  • Their design emphasizes your corporate structure.
  • Effective in promotional, marketing and effective advertising campaigns.

Kral Imports is a professional import company that sells wholesale environmentally conscious shopping bags. It offers you quality products at the most affordable prices in the desired quantities.

Contact us for your Wholesale Non Woven Shopping Bags requests at brokerless, commission-free factory sales prices.

Size: (19"x16.5x7')

Thickness: 50gsm to 100gsm

Packing: 250

Pallet: 28 boxes

Kral Imports LLC, Producer and Sales of Wholesale Non Woven (PP) Polypropylene Bags in Connecticut, United States of America.

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