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About Using Reusable Shopping Bags New York State in USA

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Plastic bag ban was in place in New York State (NY) to expand the use of Reusable Bags, with the aim of reducing waste bags and disposable bags, which began on March 1, 2020. With this study, whose aim is to make completely eco friendly bags more involved in daily life, environmental protection is prioritized.

Wholesale Reusable Bag suppliers, manufacturers and sellers operating in New York under the law; started preparations for the demand that will occur by making serious changes in production, sales and supply channels. 

With the current law, these companies have already started to offer their products of different types and sizes of environmentally friendly, recyclable types and sizes for the needs of each sector in line with the increasing demand, wholesale or retail.

Let's Get to Know the Law on Reducing Bag Waste Together!

The Bag Waste Reduction Act is part of an effort to curb litter and minimize greenhouse gas emissions from plastic bag production. In addition, New York became the second state in America to accept this ban, after California. With this mobilization to prevent litter and waste, protect nature and leave good days for our future, it encourages the use of Recycled Bags in retail and wholesale stores.

Goodbye to Plastic Bags, But Why?

With the use of plastic bags, increased garbage moves with the wind from trees to rivers, from our roads to the balconies of our houses.

These wastes, which need to be dissolved in nature for centuries, are particularly damaging to our environment, wildlife and even water resources.

No plastic bags! Yes to the use of recyclable plastic!

So, what are the advantages of recycled bags? Why Use It?

  • They are greener than plastic bags and do not pollute nature.
  • They can be used repeatedly and are robust.
  • They can always be easily transported at hand (in the car, at home).
  • They are easy to clean, contain fewer bacteria.
  • It leaves a better environment for our children.

Wholesale Reusable Bags in New York (NY)

Kral Imports LLC provides recycled shopping bags supply, sales and manufacturing services in America since (12 years) its inception. We work with premium factories in 5 different countries around the world. We offer you the best quality products at factory prices.

Discover the benefits of Kral Imports Wholesale Reusable Bags (woven or non woven), Please contact us for New York State Sales.

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Wholesale Reusable Shopping Bags in New York

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